3 Reasons Why Every Merchant Should Start Using Google Shopping Ads


If you are little aware of the online world, you perhaps know that Google Shopping has the transformed the concept of marketing online. It has revolutionized the way how marketers execute ecommerce PPC campaign strategies. Google has even created various new services around Google Shopping since it’s that important. If you are a merchant and haven’t still entered into the Google Shopping arena, this is the time for you to start utilizing the power of Google Shopping Ads. Mentioned below are three important reasons why every merchant should start using Google Shopping Ads:

Google Shopping is More Profitable than Text Ads:


In general cases, product listing ad campaigns on Google shopping provide customers with greater return of investment (ROI) than general text ads as well as display campaigns. Typically the Google Shopping ads come with specific product listing that contains product image, price, and title. This helps to grab the attention of potential customers than regular text ads. Google product listing ads offer a visual element to the potential shoppers.

Affordable and Reliable:


There are merchants who have had negative experiences in regards to PPC campaigns or are reluctant to invest on Google ads because of high cost per click. However, Google Shopping is an ideal and affordable solution for merchants to get exposure while seeing profitable results. In fact, may Google Shopping ads can run with a much lower cost per click that text or display ads. A recent study has revealed that client’s average cost per click for Google Shopping Ad can be up to 50% cheaper than the normal text or display ads.

Help You Set Up Dynamic Remarketing:


One of the most important reasons marketers want to have a feed in Google Merchant Center is that it gives them the ability to apply for the dynamic remarketing. Dynamic remarketing is a great tool that allows merchants to remarket their products to visitors by displaying them specific products they view on a particular website. Actually, these products are directly pulled from the marketer’s Google Merchant Center feed and presented through display ads.